Ninebot E

We use NinebotE modern auto transporter that has updated and revolutionized the Segway. A little device controlled by the movement of your body.

An easy bow forward, the machine keeps moving forward. By a light bow behind, the machine stops or goes backwards.


NinebotE uses the same double redundancy technology system used in aircrafts! It has safety features, it order to start the second control, in case any component brakes down, supplying total security and control.
Assembled on wheels Michelin with vibration reduction.


Ninebot has the approval certificates:
  • European Community CE. Regulation ROSHS-ISO 9001
  • USA Certification
  • Asia Certification

Tour Security

The tour is guided by an experienced monitor, who provides security instructions before the tour, attending any functional question, and describing didactically the history of monuments and places visited.

To learn how to use Ninebot takes only five minutes.

Civil third party responsibility secure is included. This secure do not includes clothing and footwear damages.